they’re made to create connection, curate a community, and build success with meaning.


 We curate, define, and discover your brand’s heart, then translate your why into a strategic roadmap that harnesses your dreams into a brand identity that leverages all you’ve worked for and all you’re meant to be. 

Launching a successful product isn’t simply about creating a funnel. It’s creating an experience and genuine connections through visual storytelling that’s attuned to your next-level vision.

Visual Launch

“Lucia is a creative genius and you would be lucky to be a part of a special project she was a part of. You know if she is a part of a project the outcome will blow your mind and always exceed your expectations.”


Through art direction, storytelling, strategy, resources, and community, I’m here for the ambitious creators ready to harness big ideas through visuals with heart, launches that build relationships, and partnerships that bring more beauty, faith, and compassion into the world. (Doesn’t that sound fun?)

Launch strategy is all about defining your brand’s heart, creating a solid visual direction, and building a launch roadmap designed to take you where you want to go. Let's design a visual direction to express the soul of your business. Are you ready to get started?

As a creative director, surface pattern designer, and launch strategist, I’m here to take your big dreams and turn them into plans. I’m cheering on your success already!

hey, friend. I'm Lucia.

Launch Strategy

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“When we work together the outcome is an elevated image better than what I could have done on my own. She has the ability to spot trends in my own work and put words to help define my style and target audience.”

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Visual Launch Strategy

“Lucia can read my mind. Her ability to empathize in the creative realm is the most skilled I have ever encountered. She has an ability to make dreams come to life.”



We begin our collaboration by defining your brand’s heart, digging deep into the unique why behind your initiative so that the strategy we create together is not simply effective— it’s inspired by all the reasons you became a creative business in the first place.

Brand Definition

We will dig in to understand your brand’s vision, excavating your USP (aka, what makes you different) and navigating all things visual voice (that’s our way of talking about the aesthetics of your brand!). We’ll visually represent both the style of your company but also the vibe of who you serve.

Additional Details

Every element of your launch will be created from a place of uniqueness and collaboration, constructed from the heart to connect you to the people you want to work with, inspire, and collaborate with most. From your color palette to branded elements, your launch will have its own unique brand.

Creative Direction

We’ll select colors, fonts, and logos in a vision boarding process designed to attract your desired market, dialing in the style and brand look so the art direction of your photoshoot, video, or other campaign elements amplify both you and your audience’s story. To ensure the best possible experience, we’ll rally a team of creatives (photographer, videographer, stylist, hair & makeup, models, etc.) to make your big dreams happen, harnessing the vision into images and videos for everywhere your brand lives, online or IRL.

Additional Details

We’re all about building relationships, not feeling sleazy when we sell. (Because, ick. Right?!) Together, we will create a plan with all the right touchpoints, getting you in front of your audience so showing up is filled with ease, authenticity, and intention that is true to your values as both a brand and a person.

Launch Plan

Your launch plan is where strategy meets art. Using our signature product launch formula, we will curate a launch strategy, along with images, videos, brand aesthetics, and more into a cohesive campaign, from socials and emails to lead magnets, webinars, sales pages, look books, collections, live events, and beyond to build trust through your visual brand, creating an experiential journey for your audience to discover, engage with, and connect with.

Additional Details

The Details

Your brand’s heart is where you’ll find the pulse of your launch. We take the time to learn what makes your brand unique and the passion, care, and intention behind all you do.

Discover your brand's heart

To attract all the right people to your launch, we get dreamy by creating a vision that gets us connected to the success and outcomes we’d love for you to experience in our work together.

Create Future Vision

We’ll ensure your brand positioning is on point for the next evolution of your brand. Together, we’ll excavate key messaging points and guide you in sharing this with your audience.

Define Brand Positioning

As your creative launch team, it’s our job to aesthetically guide your launch and take your initiative in a powerful direction. You can rest confidently knowing it will all be beautiful, branded, and connective.

Aesthetic Curation

Whether you’re launching a shop, a course, a digital product, a collection, or a community initiative, we’ll discover a visual direction that’s unique to your project.

Direction & Palette

Your launch roadmap will be connected to your why but focused on what’s next for your brand. From timelines and goals to sales pages and nurture emails, we’ll discover the pathway to your launch.

Launch Roadmap

A creative coach, designer, and educator, Mary Phan brought us on board to be her creative director and brand manager. Through art direction, brand vision, and visuals, we created all-new social media content and sales page design, as well as redesigning her webinars and website.

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art direction | graphic design | marketing strategy


Ready to collab on your project? Get started by booking a free, no-pressure 15-minute discovery call to learn more about what we do and find out how we can help you grow your creative business through art direction. 


Book YOur Discovery Call



Once we decide we’re the perfect fit, we invite you to book your 2-hour intensive workshop first. In this extended consultation, we will deliver an art direction roadmap outlining our goals and plans for the project. Once this is approved, we’ll follow up with a detailed report and quote for the entire scope of the project, including execution of each element that’s involved in your campaign.

Brand Intensive


Time to celebrate! We’re officially in business. Now it’s time for us to begin work on all the elements we discussed in our strategy workshop, from visual strategy to concepting, storyboarding, and production.

Start with Strategy


02. Brand Intensive

03. Start with Strategy

“When we work together the outcome is an           image better than what I could have done on my own. She has the ability to spot trends in my own work and put words to help define my style and target audience.”

Jen Sosa, Photographer


“Woman, I just want you to know                  I love your heart, your rawness, your genuinely amazing spirit. God broke the mold with you and I’m so glad I have had the chance to get to know

Betsy Tomasello, Award-Winning Film Photographer

 I adore you.

You inspire me to no end."

such a gem.

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Very Mary Inspired

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"Quick testimonial or review about how much working together impacted a business. Quick testimonial or review about how much working together impacted a business. Quick testimonial or review about how much working together impacted a business."

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Have questions about how it all works? Keep reading for the answers you’re craving about all things launch strategy.


Not at all! You are not too small of a business to do work that matters. We work with both solopreneurs and larger brands alike, and we find that all creative brands can benefit from art direction. What our clients see after working with us is increased confidence in their brand, more inquiries, strategic campaigns that actually lead to sales, and, ultimately, killer ROI on their investment with us. We get it — this is an investment, but it’s one that you will absolutely benefit from.

Do I have to be a big brand to benefit from visual launch strategy?

Unlike other studios that offer launch strategy that is more focused on the mechanics of the launch, we focus on the visuals, aesthetic, and people behind the launch. Our way is more relational and natural so launching doesn’t feel like selling. It feels like connecting over coffee with friends over your passions.

How is visual launch strategy different from launch strategy?

We call it art direction because, well, we give you direction. While we love to have your input as we learn more about your business and begin strategizing, we are here to take the visuals off your plate so you can focus on what you love and serve even more clients & customers within your business.

Do I need to tell you what I want things to look like or do you do that for me?

“I cannot thank you enough for guiding me through this journey and for all your help and wisdom! You are truly called to lead and mentor MANY creatives and artists to discovering their focused purpose and mission! I’m so overwhelmed and grateful for you and your heart! You were made for this!”

kind words

Caroline Cervantes, Event Designer & Producer

What started as a wedding magazine became a community to talk about not just weddings but life after getting married, from lifestyle and home to work and creativity. When we made the switch from an online-only magazine to a printed publication, we created community-driven live launch events that built buzz, grew our social media, and created a loyal, engaged following around our initiatives.

Utterly Engaged



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Art Direction | Brand Strategy

Discover a visual launch strategy that connects you to your people and grows your brand authentically

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