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Handcrafted patterns, illustrations, and digital designs can elevate your products and give your services a custom feel that rivals no one else. We’ll create story-driven, fully customizable designs exclusively for your brand, all through a collaborative experience that’s every bit as bespoke as your ideas.

Have you ever wished that you could incorporate hand-crafted patterns, illustrations, hand lettering, and digital designs into your products? Together, we can. From packaging to textiles and stationery, we collaborate with you to create high-end, quality art for your products.

Surface Pattern Design

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What I love more than anything in the world is creating. That’s why I use my gifts to help creative brands grow through artisanal, custom, and artistically-inspired designs that are original to you. 

Let’s tell your brand’s story and create unique, bespoke products that stand out beautifully in the marketplace.

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We begin every project by learning more about your story and connecting with you personally to learn more about your goals & plans so we can make your dreams come true via a custom pattern design!

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I’ll get to work creating a beautiful hand-crafted pattern, illustration, hand lettering, and/or digital design that aligns with your goals for your product. You’ll have the chance to request changes. Once we finalize, I’ll transform my art into a digital file that’s ready to use on your product.

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With your pattern in hand, you’ll have a custom, original piece of art that you can reproduce over and over again. Pay for the pattern, reap the rewards of passive income from your product.

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The Details

Before we begin your project, we begin the discovery process, which begins with defining the style and guiding aesthetic for the project.


In the inspiration phase, we’ll dig deep into your brand and look for creative inspiration that will guide the next phase of the project and get us on the right track.


To cement the direction of your surface pattern design, we’ll draft a concept and share the story behind the direction so you know that your pattern is rooted in what makes your brand unique.


Now that you’ve approved the creative direction, we’ll design and create your surface pattern, ensuring that your file is entirely original, unique, and extraordinary.


To make your surface pattern that much more multifaceted, we’ll create a pattern in multiple colors so it’s easy to replicate your pattern over and over again on your products.


As soon as your surface pattern gets approved, we’ll package your files and get them ready for you, your printer, or any other collaborators working on your project.


“The first time I saw Lucia's work it immediately got my heart and mind racing! Not only that Lucia's work sets a flame of inspiration, but her creative expression also was something my eye and heart immediately felt connected to. I seriously cannot say enough amazing things about the amount of fruit, friendship, provision, color, love, and divine purpose that has grown from my creative relationship with Lucia. Lucia can read my mind. Her ability to empathize in the creative realm is the most skilled I have ever encountered. This ability of hers makes dreams come to life. You will never have to worry about stagnation with Lucia, there will always be ideas, excitement, inspiration, and growth when working with her. It's such a life-giving, positive experience all around!”

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Have questions about how it all works? Keep reading for the answers you’re craving about all things surface pattern design and art licensing.

Frequently asked Questions

Absolutely! When we work with you, the patterns we create are not only hand-made — they’re original & exclusive to your brand, which means no one else gets to use the pattern but you! Your patterns are created with your goals and specifications in mind, creative twists included. I’ll take my artwork (whether drawn by hand or created digitally) and transform it into a digital file that can then be sent to your manufacturer or delivered directly to you for use in digital products.

Do you create custom, exclusive print designs?

We’ve had clients use our patterns on clothing, swimwear, interiors of all kinds (including bedding, cushions, and wallpaper), packaging, stationery, wall wraps, and even web graphics & branding projects. Patterns can also be printed onto hard surfaces, but if you’re not sure, feel free to ask us! We’ll let you know before we start work.

Is there anything I can’t use my pattern on?

If you’re not quite ready for custom work, that’s okay! (Friend, we’ve been there too.) We have a pattern library where we debut monthly patterns. You can shop the designs, purchase your favorites, and have them customized to your brand. Think of it as a semi-custom option that’s far better than using stock imagery!

What if I’m not quite ready for custom pattern design but still want patterns for my products?

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Sell bespoke products with a handcrafted feel. Grow your business with pattern design that aligns with your vision, stands out, and 

sets you apart.

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